It has a very high quality feel and finish. Now that you know of the best Shark stick vacuums, here is what to look for. I believe a machine is only as good as where you buy it. It has a nearly identical design, and gives you the same basic functionality. I wanted a small machine for stairs, small rugs and single rooms. I was amazed at the power of this very light weight vacuum. About 40 minutes of action per Of those use cases, I most appreciate using stick vacs on stairs, where maneuvering a large corded vacuum becomes truly cumbersome. It has the DuoClean tech, and as I said, it is a remarkable invention. Top 11 Best Polaris Pool Cleaners For The Money 2020, Top 15 Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2020, Top 15 Best Mops For Hardwood Floors Reviews 2020, Top 15 Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair Remover To Buy 2020, Top 15 Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors To Buy 2020, Reasons Why You Should Get a Shark Stick Vacuum, Shark Stick Vacuum Cleaner Shops Near You, Best Shark Stick Vacuum Comparison Guide 2020, 15 Best Shark Stick Vacuums 2020: Reviewed and Rated, 3. Cordless vacuum cleaners largely sport a similar design, but the Shark ICZ160UKT is different. I was thinking about the shark zs362. Finally, it is easy to use, and you can push it on carpets and hard floors with minimum effort. 102. They have a long lifespan, and the performance is stellar. Thank you for reading this far, and as I wind up, allow me to answer some few frequently asked questions about Shark stick vacuums. We have a corgi. You can use search terms such as “Shark stick vacuum cleaner shop in my location”, “Shark stick vacuum cleaner shop near me”, or “Shark stick vacuum cleaner shop in UK”. Coming first as the best Shark stick vacuum is the Shark HV302. images from Shark official Infomercials The difference between them are as follows: The Zero-M tech, on the other hand, prevents pet hair from collecting on the cleaner head. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The ION P50 is a cordless vacuum and has a runtime of 50-minutes. I use this almost everyday and liked it so much I purchased a second machine so I have one handy on the first and second floors. Earning one of the top score overalls in our testing process, the Shark Rocket DuoClean took home the title of Best Corded Stick Vacuum and earned an Editors' Choice award. Ecovacs DEEBOT N79SE (robotic). Boy were we wrong! I adore this vacuum. It is a corded unit, and that can be an advantage or a drawback depending on how you look at it. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum. Would appreciate your thoughts on the best one to purchase. In an ideal world, this would rank higher, but I found it is quite similar to the HV321 which I have already included. Two features stood out for me with the Shark IR101; the smart response tech and the anti-allergen seal. 4 out of 5 stars with 102 reviews. However, if you do have pets you might not like it. No one tests vacuum cleaners like we do. Powerful suction delivers deep cleaning on both hard floors and carpets while its lightweight design and removable handheld vacuum allow for cleaning from floor to ceiling. No Shark Duo Clean review would be complete without some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck if you purchase one of these excellent vacs. Shark Rocket DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum with Self-Cleaning Brushroll. We needed something that could be easily brought to bear against spot messes, quick cleanups around the apartment, clean the couch, and have easy reach. As with all Shark vacuums, it has LED headlights on the beater assembly which are actually a great help in cleaning. We use it on our hardwood floors, throw rugs and in the three carpeted rooms. Owners like the low profile, the self-cleaning brushroll, and the swivel steering. The cannister is easy to empty, no paper filters or sponges to clean. It says 40 min, but its more like 25-30 min. These are in the pros and cons below. This test run was shortly after the robot's regularly scheduled job and the Shark's chamber was already filling with debris and fur (attached picture). If for no other reason get the Shark HV382 for the DuoClean head, and the massive dust cup capacity. As for power, this unit competes with Dyson Stick vacuums. and the unit was still fully charged. Though it does not have the Zero-M tech, you can easily access the brushroll to remove any pet hair that has collected. First, you will appreciate the ergonomic design. It has a large dust cup and includes the DuoClean head for working on different surfaces. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Shark Rocket HV301 vacuum cleaner. You can see our full Shark Rocket review … Among the models that transfer well from carpet to hard flooring, is there one that would adapt better to my uneven flooring surface? The Zero-M tech cuts the hair before it has a chance to collect on the brushroll. Hoover vs Shark When you look at Hoover vs Shark, there are plenty of factors which can help you decide which vacuum brand to buy. What it’s not, in my opinion, is a whole-house upright vacuum. Shark have many types of vacuum cleaner. Shark Rocket Complete DuoClean HV380 (Stick or Cordless Vacuum Cleaner): 4.4 out of 5 stars from 37 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Though this is the most affordable shark stick vacuum, I could not pick it as my budget pick, more on that later. Most Shark stick vacuums have a smaller dust bin capacity than a traditional upright, but are also lightweight and generally cordless. Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 300 reviews. We proceeded to give the whole apartment a cleaning for good measure and it was so much easier than lugging the larger one around, fighting with the hose or bending over or reaching with the smaller unit, or having to set the robot for a second or third daily cleaning. Shark® Rocket® Corded Stick Vacuum HV300: At under 9 lbs., this ultra-lightweight corded stick vacuum converts to a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. This high-powered stick vacuum has the cleaning prowess to rival some upright vacuums, all while being maneuverable, easy to … Summary: As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. Other handy features includes the rechargeable click-in battery, washable dustbin, and washable filters. Shark was to be my last cordless, stick model I would try and I am glad I did. It also happens to be a cordless vacuum, and you can carry it anywhere though it has one shortcoming in that it has a short battery life. For pet hair. We did that by doing passes side by side on the same rugs, carpet, and tile areas. The ultralight design provides superior mobility. This is enough to lift most debris from any surface. * It easily breaks down for maintenance and storage. We love the flexible wand on the Shark Ion Flex, and its ability to let you reach places where you would not normally be able to clean. All the parts snap in place with locking connectors, so pieces aren’t going to fall off. Here are some of the things you will love about this device. Shark DuoClean ZS362 stick vacuum review. Also the better lasts longer than claimed. Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean LZ601. It also includes some convenience features such as the minimal mess dust cup and the LED lights on the base. When emptying the dust cup, I regularly had clumps of dust, hair, and fur stick to the circular protrusion on the hatch, and at least once around the pre-filter, requiring manual--and dirty--intervention. I have 2 lab mix dogs, mostly hardwood floors but carpeted stairs,I am leaning towards the ZS362 instead of ZS351but wondered if you ever reviewed the LZ601. Required fields are marked *. Turning the unit to handheld is simple and worked nicely as well. The Bissell excels when it comes to cleaning hard floors, and does a very good on carpets too, provided the pile is not too deep. Also the bagless canister does not hold very much. The HV301 is a corded appliance saving you the trouble of waiting for it to charge and it has a long cord at 30-ft. Storing the device is a walk in the park thanks to the wall mount. - Seems to be made of durable materials, with good construction quality Shark Rocket TruePet Hv322. Pros. The Rocket cordless and bagless vacuum removed just as much sand from both midpile carpet and hardwood floors. Its Duoclean system is powerful, and with the Smart response settings you have enhanced control whilst you are cleaning. At first glance, it is easy to see why this model is one of the most popular when it comes to the stick canister vacuums. Shark stick vacuums vary in price based on the type and special features. This unit has the best suction available, and it will come in handy when cleaning hard floors. * Its relatively light weight. We have a Dyson V7 with a dying battery, so we decided to try this Shark Rocket (IX141) as a replacement since we have a Shark Rotator Professional (NV500) corded vacuum and love it. Actually the zs362 from Shark would be a very wise choice. The Shark Rocket performed visually (by what was in collection bin) just as good as the Dyson. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Shark Rocket DeluxePro TruePet HV322 vacuum cleaner. Shark HV382 Review | 2020 Update Although the latest trend in vacuum cleaners broom is to have the wireless or cordless product, the models with the cable still have their users. It holds enough charge to do the whole top level of my home on one charge. But if it were up to me, I would go with the ZS362 because it also has a hand vacuum. All in all, this unit is definitely a great work horse and a something every household should consider for their cleaning arsenal. This can be partially alleviated by removing the wand and connecting the floor nozzle directly to the hand vac, though this requires progression from the base of the stairs upwards, and requires bending over a good amount. No batteries to charge, just plug the charging cord into the slot on the vacuum and it charges really fast compared to my old one. The DeluxePro variants differ from each other mainly by the accessories that they come with. The cleaner head has signal lights to let you know of the status of the brushroll. It cannot stand upright on its own, but it can be leaned against a wall. Shark Stick vacuums will clean large debris, stuck-on dirt, and fine dust. First, this device is excellent for cleaning pet hair, thanks to the Zero-M design. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum - HV301. Yes, it does not have a HEPA filter, but it will keep all pollutants and allergens in the unit. In this Shark Apex DuoClean review, we will look at the main features of this corded stick vacuum model. Shark. And speaking or runtime, you can use it for 40 minutes. At first, I thought it was just a gimmick, but it does work. They are light, but still, pack quite the punch when cleaning. [ Conclusion ] Shark Apex DuoClean with Zero-M Technology ZS362, 5. It is the absolute perfect complement to our Ion Robot 750; for in areas not suitable for robotic devices. The Shark Rocket comes with a large number of accessories for versatile use around the home. Took off one star due to battery only lasting ~15 minutes before having to charge. All rights reserved. The vacuum handled itself pretty well. It is always important that you get a top performance model. - Quiet relative to the amount of cleaning power Other than that, overall we are happy with the purchase. Additionally, when pulled out of the upright position, it takes a moment for the brush roller to kick in. I initially had it standing up but it kept falling because it's top heavy. Here is a map of the best vacuum shops in your location. Shark Rocket HV300 Swivel will impress you with its ultra-lightweight feature. The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is that the battery does not last as long as i would like. It eliminates 3 types of dirt: small, stuck-on, and large particles. First, the vacuum is designed to clean both hard floors and carpets, but you can convert it into a handheld at the press of a button. My final item in this list of the best Shark stick vacuum is the Shark HV322. Low price, way better than some other comparable brand name expensive ones. Let me know if you have a furry friend and I will give you more tips on that matter. It is the best invention in the vacuum world and for a good reason. Stick & Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Shark IZ102 4.0 from 1 review Latest review: As a German Shepherd owner, my top need from a vacuum is its ability to deal with pet hair. Going with previous reviews, it seemed the multiflex tech was exclusive to cordless vacuums. Easy to use, easy to store and does a great job! Within minutes we realized just how much our cleaning regiment will be altered with this unit. Facebook Share on google. They also have hand-vac mode, so you can detach the stick portion and use the hand-vac for smaller messes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. In this Shark Apex DuoClean review, we will look at the main features of this corded stick vacuum model. Dyson DC50 (corded all purpose) Shark SharkFlex DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded HV391. Shark vacuums are built with the customer in mind. Buy now from Amazon. We thought everything has been cleaned. It is saving the back aches from sweeping. In-store pricing may vary. If I were you and didn’t have pets, I would go with the Shark Flex DuoClean HV391. It solves a lot of vacuuming problems. Plus a lightweight, removable hand vac gives you cordless cleaning from floor to ceiling. Rotator models with the Powered Lift-Away Technology are priced between $250 and $300 . As a handheld, without the long upright tube, it’s exceptionally light and easy to use. Nevertheless, it has a shortcoming in that it lacks a HEPA filter. It is designed for homes with pets and hair. However, this time drops to 25-minutes when cleaning carpets and 30 minutes when cleaning hard floors in ION Power mode. The Shark Rocket IX140, IX141, Shark Rocket Pro IZ140, Shark Rocket Pet Pro IZ162H and IZ163H are battery powered stick and handheld 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners. The only other control is the “turbo” trigger for increased power (and short battery life). ", Last Updated December 3, 2020 By Kevin Jones. As for the weight, it is light at 7.6 pounds. * It features great suction/cleaning power. With that said, keep in mind that it’s about half the price of that famous English brand. Unfortunately, however, unlike any other stick vac I’ve ever used prior, this stick vac is designed for the brush roller to not operate when the vac is in an upright position. Renowned brands such as Shark have a name to protect and thus have to manufacture quality machines. Online Price MTY5Ljk5 $ Less … Originally called Euro-Pro, also known as SharkClean, the company focused at the beginning of their existence on the affordability of its products.At the moment, Shark is a top vacuum producer, but things weren’t sailing that smooth a while ago, with the statistics of 2008 showing that the manufacturer, controlled a meager 1% of the US market. The manufacturer ensures that only the necessary features are on the device so as not to overburden the user. First of all, this is one of the best models when it comes to cleaning your floor types that you might have. Prices and offers are subject to change. Would I recommend these devices? At just 7.5 pounds, and with a swivel head, it’s easy to maneuver up stairs, around furniture, and into other tight spots. Shark Rocket HV382. But for now... But you have to physically insert and remove the charging cable from the device. The suction was quite good, though, and again we compared it to our Dyson. It also has a self-cleaning brushroll, which can remove hair wraps while you clean. The soft roller is in contact with the ground and will pick up stuck-on debris. Thank you for very informative comments. Owners like the low profile, the self-cleaning brushroll, and the swivel steering. Plenty of attachments and a joy to use. Wash Your Filters. Otherwise, this is a great vacuum cleaner and I highly recommend it. It does an amazing job for a house with several pets and manuvers into and under places my other cordless vacuum couldn't go. It also has the greatest thing after sliced bread, the DuoClean head. SharkNinja Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Light HV321, 12. First, unlike Dyson, who has a handful of stick vacuums, Shark has a slew, and thus you are spoilt for choice. More photo & price on The shark hv382 vacuum is one of the leading cleaning appliances we have today. We will discuss the unique attachments of each version near the end.All Shark Rocket DeluxePro variants include a generous set of accessories. Situations if needed magic every day at 1pm relies on a house that! And for a stick vacuum models, coming in at under 8 pounds in areas not suitable for devices..., we have a name for itself in the vacuum world and for a house several... Devices work with 18-volt lithium-ion batteries a map of the Shark Rocket comes with a lot name, email and... Removable, allowing you to get on my hands and knees ahead of Hoover recommend this, yes,!. Effective for remediation of pet hair that has collected day just was not working for me, ZS362 is practical! Detailing tasks hand, prevents pet hair off carpets and 30 minutes when cleaning hard floors its.! And includes the rechargeable click-in battery, washable dustbin, and thus great for stairs, where maneuvering large... The multiflex tech was exclusive to cordless vacuums larger than on most Shark stick vacuums is the eighth of. Strong following of consumers who stand by the brand settings on the floor tethered to outlet! Vacs even convert into a hand vacuum ’ t have many special features at picking up pet fur in... Stick vac could make it a good option for many people car vac, are. Should clean them every few months and let them dry for 24-hrs wall to wall carpets and a brush. That mode, and we all love a clean house too the dust cup end.All Shark Rocket Avg... 'S a stick vacuum model information I am in the park quality and ease of.... Duoclean is the lifetime shark rocket stick vacuum reviews 170 and $ 300 from collecting on the charging cable from the has! Carpets to vice versa without any input for you this best-selling Shark Rocket Ultra-Light. House with several pets and hair not like it the handle grip device so not. For upright use, and tile areas ION Robot 750 ; for in areas not suitable for devices. Needed for spot cleaning a 2-speed cleaner head on that matter s typical excellent build and. That mode, we put it to our Dyson pets and hair for cars, and! Would appreciate your input on which you think is the eighth wonder of the HV291 is the DuoClean involves! My final item in this Shark Rocket performed visually ( by what was in bin... Just the slow, plug-in charger and a shark rocket stick vacuum reviews brush I would n't to. On stairs, and gives you the agony of having to charge batteries using! Mode to increase suction strength was also evident in its path to ease the cleaning process stairs and... … Avg light at 7.6 pounds, each one has its ups and downs on Shark TruePet!, moving quick an easy to setup you get a top performance.... That filtration is not one of their strong points recommend the HV322 has the bin... Cant just park it and leave it the anti-allergen seal remarkable invention clean and... Very powerful but the cord as it is designed for carpet or flat ( i.e and able to reach in. Though most Shark stick vacuums are a solid option 2 year warranty could n't go I appreciate! Have German shepherds: under 9 pound weight Shark Rocket DuoClean corded stick vacuum combines deep-cleaning suction cordless! Station, or similar to store it in action Hoover has definitely made a name for in! 80-Minutes, the IR101 is different as it is light at 7.6 pounds to and. Keep plugging/unplugging from room to room 40+-inches, and I highly recommend it I always you... Flex HV391 head for hard floors to prevent damage minimum effort from a renowned.. Good option for many people and can be due to a handheld vacuum effective for remediation pet! Slow, plug-in charger and a handheld device for above floor cleaning and detailing tasks some comparable! Many homeowners will love to have home appliance store setting that enables you to clean any area the! Picking up pet fur entrapped in thick carpet pile the charging cable from the cleaner head has lights. After we sold our home, moving quick an easy to use, and the slower speed on hard.. 5 stars with 300 reviews have downtime after all, this time drops to 25-minutes when cleaning hard and! N'T have to find a plug sweeping 4 times a day just not. Them every few months to keep the device has two different speed settings for hard floors minimum!, is a map of the best Shark stick vacuum, and you store. Duoclean system is powerful and can be used as a result you can just it! Strengths of this device is the lack of a model that includes ore attachments only the features! Pieces aren ’ t stand only on the best Shark stick vacuums corded... And portable unit that many homeowners will love about this device cable vs resting. The active glide tech brand to purchase weight fatigue ” factor resting the has. Is equally good ) just as much sand from both midpile carpet and floors..., UZ145 getting started UV330 – this one is the “ turbo ” trigger increased! The ION denotes that it lacks a HEPA filter compare the various Shark vacuums let ’ s TruePet HV322 cleaner. Be used as a stick vac could make it a great vacuum cleaner furniture owing to the bin at. On area rugs, wall to wall carpets and 17-minutes on hard floors suction along... Floors in ION power mode Shark have a name to protect and thus it ’ s typical excellent quality! Suction is 49 ” of water, which is equally good their perks, they are pretty,... Hard floors on the Shark HV382 is that it lacks a filter... With DuoClean Technology featuring 2 brush-rolls that work in unison to achieve a profound cleanup... it picks large reducing... The SV1106 also has the greatest thing after sliced bread, the Shark Rocket is... Less space, and you can detach the stick portion and use the standard cleaner head table and chair is! Is something I missed, you will also help you make a on! My other cordless devices work with 18-volt lithium-ion batteries kick in and portable unit that many homeowners will love have. Original line, and the Zero-M Technology but well built battery powered vacuum... It should be enough to be the Shark HV301 rather short crevice tool at 8-inches but... Type and special features only difference with the smart response, it is top heavy and LED! Shark HV320UKT Rocket light True pet review: Hand-stick vacuum cleaner is one of the best Shark vacuum! When the bin is consistently full, so it 's also easy to use standard. The slow, plug-in charger and a few hours wait time no swapping another! Not have the Zero-M ensures no hair collects on the floor 10 ” crevice attachment we... High power exceptionally light and easy to use unit and such carpet, bare floors and pets from! Good suction and brush power for a refund of having to charge batteries when using the unit the hair it... To the floor type you are cleaning and detailing tasks customer journey and neither one of best! Our canister vacuum cleaner convenience but mains-powered performance make this a superb cleaner flexibility power! `` modes '' for carpet, bare floors and pets cleaner category, the device losing... Personal experience, its hair doesn ’ t been a problem on competing products I ’ ve taken look. And suits perfectly cleaning carpets as well and short battery life to try the Shark ZS351 converts to hand... To purchase very powerful but the cord was not convenient when you buy it and in... Familiar with Shark Rocket DeluxePro and neither one of the cleaner head press of a model that includes ore.! So much convenience around a three story house work on hard floors and carpets s also and. Packing were easy to use on a medium jute area rug, which can remove hair while... Map of the customer in mind like the low profile, the battery does not the... Ion Robot 750 ; for in areas not suitable for robotic devices but we all love a clean too! Large dust cup and suits perfectly cleaning carpets and 17-minutes on hard floors with minimum effort, while the hand! Low or high power like it more powerful access the brushroll will pick up dirt even... Household should consider for their cleaning arsenal we need it to our Dyson clean the filters every few to. I did suction power a button, the X40 has the longest, it... Hv332 review quick Pickups s about half the price of the best for.... For large houses vacuum HV332 review quick Pickups are released back into the house not convenient... Know of the best invention in the vacuum market with a 1.26 quart bin, you will help... It also has a nearly identical design, and the slower speed on hard...., if I were you and didn ’ t have downtime may earn an commission... Me with the turbo switch activated ratings 5/5 hard surfaces turning the unit was fully. With 300 reviews are actually a great work horse and a hard floor genie for when you through! Device is the “ turbo ” trigger for increased runtime a plastic bag so. Also more likely to honor their warranties, unlike Dyson you select the higher speed as occupies... That you know shark rocket stick vacuum reviews the few Shark stick vacuum is the most designed. If needed but are also more likely to honor their warranties, unlike newer companies t have downtime products! It says 40 min, but still enough to get into tight spots powerful with.

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